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Jenna Bug Designs
Please NOTE:  all designs, fonts, collections, etc..  are embroidery designs.  FONTS cannot be installed on your computer, phone, etc and be used.  These are for use on an EMBROIDERY MACHINE.  Please look at the Refund Question.

1.  Why do your designs or projects look like other's I've seen on other digitizer's sites?  Alot of digitizers buy from the same clipartists and digitize the same designs..  Several digitizers use the same software, so there shape makers are the same, therefor same shapes are used time and time again by these digitizers. Sometimes digitizers have the same ideas, and make the same type projects.  Simple as that.
2.  where do I find the free designs/ alphas??  For my weekly hunt, when applicable...  please scroll thru the links on the left hand side of the pages...    Designs are among the pages in the left hand side of the screen.  For the Design Fest hunt..  ANY link is fair game for hunting..  Make sure you write down things, if you get lost easy.
3.  How do I order?
   First, if there are different sizes available, decide which one you want..  Click on the buy it now button under the design you want.    Order all of what you want, and go to your view cart, and checkout.  You  will be taken to the Paypal website for payment. SOME designs are available for Instant download.  Please wait after confirmation of payment, and get sent back to the Custom Creations page.  Downloadable Designs will be waiting for you.  If they aren't downloadable, I will e-mail them to you as soon as I can..  You should also receive an e-mail with links...  If you do not want to order thru PayPal, send me an e-mail with ORDER in the subject line..  list the designs you want, MAKE SURE YOU LIST THE NAMES CORRECTLY, and I will confirm the order, and send you an invoice.  You can then pay by mail.  
4.  Why are there so many color changes? I only use a few colors on these designs..
    Because we wanted each embroiderer to be able to fully customize our designs, we added additional color options.  You can adjust however you please.  This way, some outlines can be changed to other colors.  We retain our copyright with your changes.
5.  How are designs delivered?
    Please refer to the Shipping and Delivery Page.
6. Do you have a refund policy?  I purchased the wrong design..  
    Because of the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. Most of the items are on instant download after purchase, so you receive the item.  If a file is damaged, we will provide you with a replacement.  You must provide the e-mail address registered with PayPal, and the transaction number.
7.  What types of payments do you accept?
We prefer PayPal, but we will accept mail in orders with a personal check or postal money order.  If sending a personal check, please be prepared to wait at least 10 business days for check to clear our bank, before we will ship.  CHECKS MUST BE MADE OUT TO CUSTOM CREATIONS, or they will be returned.
8.  I purchased a design, but I need a different size?
    Please e-mail me with your request along with your payment transaction number and e-mail.
9.  What is a copyright?
    A copyright protects a designer of intellectual property.  Please refer to the Copyright Info page.
10.  I am in need of a certain font.  Do you take requests?
    Yes, we do.  We can even digitize a special word or name in a specific font for you.  Please refer to the Font page.
11.  I placed my order with Paypal.  Why does it show the business name as Custom Creations instead of Jenna Bug Designs?
    Custom Creations is the owner of Jenna Bug Designs.  Jenna Bug Designs is the embroidery side of  Custom Creations.
12.  Where do you get your clipart?
    Please see the clipart page.
13 Where do I put my FREE designs for Sales?
    Please list free designs stemming from the differnt sales, etc in your message box, or you can e-mail me with that info and your order information.
14.  My question is not listed here.
    Please e-mail with any other questions.

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