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Welcome to Jenna Bug Designs
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Embird Suite 
Modular software for computerized embroidery

All Embird programs are up to date and are available in a FREE demo versions.
They switch into FULL versions after insertion of the registration password after purchase..

Click here for trial versions  

Make sure you download and install the tria versionl before purchasing your product.

This product is required to run most of the plug ins.  Please refer to for more info
Embird basic program
(LATEST VERSION) resizes, splits, edits, displays, prints and converts embroidery designs. Price US $164 (without plug-ins). Sale $150

UPGRADES from previous versions are available at bottom of page.

Plug Ins are additional to  Basic Program. This plug in WILL NOT work without the basic program.

Embird Studio Digitizing program for creation of logos and other embroidery designs. Optional import of vector graphics.This is an  Optional Digitizing Tools PLUG IN(US $150) and Sfumato Stitch parts (US $90). It is not necessary to purchase them both.
Embird Studio with Digitizing Tools Price US $150  SALE $140

Plug Ins are additional to  Basic Program
Sfumato Stitch 4.0 allows easy and fast creation of multicolored portraits and other designs from photos. New vector-based Sfumato Stitch 4.0 is included in the Studio.
Price US $90  SALE $85

Plug Ins are additional to  Basic Program

Embird Cross Stitch allows to create cross stitch designs, even with outlines, French knots and user-defined fill patterns. Price US $75  SALE $70

Plug Ins are additional to  Basic Program

Font Engine TrueType and OpenType fonts- into- embroidery conversion program. Price US $145 This price covers also vector graphics support in Studio.  SALE $135

Plug Ins are additional to  Basic Program

Predigitized Alphabets - click to see 39 Alphabets
Price US $15 (each alphabet)  
Please List your choice of Alphabet Plug In here

Plug Ins are additional to  Basic Program

Iconizer displays embroidery and image files instead of common Windows icons. Helps to organize embroidery designs, photos and images. Price US $20

UPGRADES from Previous Versions

Upgrade from 2006 $15
UPGRADE from Embird 2004 or Embird 2003 $45  Sale $40
UPGRADE from Embird Plus 7.x $60  Sale $55
UPGRADE 2008 from Embird 6.x (or older)  $75 Sale $70
Upgrades of all plug-ins (Alphabets, Font Engine, Cross Stitch, Digitizing Tools, Sfumato Stitch, Iconizer)  will be free with upgrade purchase