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Jenna Bug Designs has joined several different membership clubs for your embroidery enjoyment
These clubs offer various designs for a nominal fee:

Design Fest Hunt      

for more info about the BIG HUNT
Memberships as low as $5 a month for 100+ of designs
Cute Creations Membership Club
For minimum $$  you get multiple sets each month
Membership Purchase Page

Creative Bears And More - MALL
HUGE SALE ON That Embroidery Place and Jenna Bug Designs
My Page
Embroidery PassBook
I have several designs on sale in this Mall, and several $1 singles going up all the time.
Click here to see some of the sets

Click here to join DigitizersHuntFest
Click to join DigitizersHuntFest
Please refer to the DesignFestHunt Yahoo group for any and all questions concerning the hunt.  Moderators are there to help you.

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Designs purchased and/or downloaded from jennabugdesigns  may be stitched on items for personal use, gifts, or items for resale, by the original purchaser/downloader only.  These designs may not be sold or shared and are for use by the original purchaser only.  Please keep purchase receipts and all information for the purchase in a safe place in case the designs need to be resent to you.
The digitized embroidery designs and graphics are protected under Federal Copyright Law & International Treaties. The photos of the designs as well as designs themselves cannot be used in any way whatsoever, without written permission of Jenna Bug Designs' owner Custom Creations and the appropriate digitizer.  This means...  if you want to sell your items with our designs on them, and want to show them online,,  you must sew it out and take your own photo of it. If you do show our designs on your webpage, please show the appropriate owner as the digitizer for those items.  All Graphics are owned by the original artists.